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My DIY Meal Kits (Made for Two) 

Cook with no fuss easy to follow directions. In less than 15-35  minutes. Or choose the pre-made version and I will cook the meals for you and you can just re-heat and eat!


Click HERE for instructions.


This is a perfect on the move breakfast companion, easy to make ahead and reheat.


You’ve Got Options

Cook when you want, or take a break with my freshly made meals. 


Premium Quality

Organic- non-GMO- farm-raised-antibiotic-and hormone-free- grass-fed  produce and  ingredients


Real Food, Fresh Flavors, NO JUNK



DIY Kit or Pre-Made - Bacon, Egg and Hash Brown Bites Made in Your Cupcake Pan

  • Orders are due by Sunday at 1pm for a Tuesday delivery


    Orders are due by Tuesday at 5pm for a Thursday delivery

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