Cupcake Wars

Hollis Wilder is the first three- time winner of the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars!!


Cupcake Wars Star Hollis Wilder Back for Season 8 


"Hollis wowed the panel of judges including guest judge, and former N'Sync band member, Lance Bass. The episode that aired April 14th was yet another sweet victory for Hollis. Not only was it her third win on Cupcake Wars, it was also an opportunity to relive her days as a personal chef to A-List celebrities, like Jay Leno and the cast of Will and Grace. As a result winning the episode challenge, Hollis' cupcakes graced the palates of celebrities and guests at the charity gala hosted by Lance bass benefiting"

Cupcake Wars: Season 2 Episode 7: Hollis Wilder Wins Again!


"After sampling Hollis Wilder's cupcake trio, "I felt like I was at a five-star restaurant dessert tasting!"

says judge Candace Nelson,founder and pastry chef of Sprinkles Cupcakes.

"It was a close race in round three, as Lindsay and Hollis continued to amaze us with awe-inspiring displays. But, Hollis's display captured the surprise and wonder of the Tournament of Roses in the same way her cupcakes had surprised us all day." 


Season 1 Episode 1: George and Ann Lopez Charity Golf Tournament.....A Cupcake Queen is Born


 "For comedian George Lopez, she made the risky decision to serve a salmon cupcake with a cream cheese and caper frosting. Deemed tasty and creative, it propelled her to the finals, where a cinnamon, maple syrup, strawberry and bacon cupcake gave her the win and $10,000 cash." ~ Jax Air News